Due to the rapid development of the company, we are now recruiting talents for the society to grow and develop together with the company. Look forward to your joining

【 Job Content 】
1. Proficient in the company's various product knowledge, to provide customers with the most targeted online recruitment related products and services;
2. The company provides customer resources, and is responsible for introducing the company's products and signing contracts with customers through telephone or wechat communication.

【 Job Requirements 】
1. College degree or above, sales experience is preferred;
2. Good learning ability, strain ability, ability to work under pressure;
3. Mandarin is clear and fluent;
4. Positive attitude and self-emotional adjustment management;
5. Have a sense of purpose: pursue high salary, promotion, promotion, etc.

【 Treatment development 】
1. Monthly comprehensive salary = no responsibility base salary + performance + commission, those who can get more;
2. No responsibility base salary 3500-4500 (different levels of base salary) +500 performance + high commission
4. Promotion route: Meet the requirements can be promoted, no age limit;

【 Rich welfare 】
1. Pay five insurance and one fund, double salary at the end of the year, paid annual leave, 9 to 6 weekends off;
2. Systematic and perfect training system;
3. Excellent sharing: exchange and share the experience of excellent employees to promote the improvement of sales ability;
4. Monthly birthday party, induction anniversary party, honor banquet, afternoon tea;
5. Abundant group dinners, parties, outings, outdoor development, etc.

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Company introduction:

【 Salary 】
Base salary 4000+ performance + commission 9-29%+ bonus, comprehensive salary: 10,000 yuan, if you have rich industry experience, specific salary interview can be talked about. (Quarterly posts
Promotion assessment has the opportunity to increase the base salary)
Job responsibility
1. Search for potential customers, invite and visit customers;
2. Online meetings or interviews with customers to provide professional product demonstrations and solutions to complete sales;
3. Actively welcome customers to book online experience, and show good professional quality and image:
4. Regular maintenance of old customers, timely understanding of customer needs, grasp customer psychology, to achieve the maximum transformation of sales opportunities to sales capacity.

【 Job Requirements 】
1.20-28 years old, college degree or above (sales performance can be broken, e-commerce experience, strong initiative can be broken to junior college), household registration, profession, gender is not limited;
2. There is no experience (90% of the sales have no experience in the Internet industry, we have perfect training to give you confidence) :
3. People who have goals, are alert to danger, face difficulties, dare to challenge, and actively innovate;
4. Outgoing, friendly, like sales positions do not exclude telephone invitation;
5. Want to make money, want to be promoted, ambitious and ideal to resist pressure.
6. It is recommended to rent nearby if the distance is more than 1 hour.

【 Promotion route 】
1. Professional channel: Trainee marketing Consultant-Intelligent Marketing Consultant-Marketing Consultant-Senior Marketing Consultant-Account Director
2. Management channel: Trainee Marketing consultant - Intelligent Marketing consultant - Manager - Director - region
General Manager - Vice President of Sales - General Manager of Business division
3. Training channel: Trainee marketing consultant - Intelligent Marketing consultant - Manager - Training Specialist - Training Manager - Training Director
4. Commissar channel: Recruitment specialist - small Commissar - District Commissar - Big Commissar

【 Comprehensive Professional training 】
1. There is systematic training on entry, so that you can quickly master the product and how
Sales Products:
2. On-the-job training throughout your career in Jindo;
3. For those who are enterprising and have the will to manage, the 6-month Whampoa Dry Training Course is tailor-made for you.